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Welcome to Samanmal

Samanmal is a household name in Southern part of Sri Lanka. It has a regular, loyal and growing customer base due to Samanmal’s product superiority, range diversity and unmatched quality customer care. For Samanmal their customers are of utmost importance. The strong relationships have won mutual benefits.

Samanmal, showers its warmth along with charming fragrance around, on par with its namesake –Jasmine. And this blends with the Southern deep routed traditions and rich cultures ; which is a signature feature of Samanmal.

Be it clothing, wine & dine, wedding receptions, family gatherings, business meetings, eco ventures and agro tourism, Samanmal has wide range of deliverables in the diverse departments of Samanmal Textiles, Samanmal Restaurant, Samanmal Reception Hall, Samanmal Bakery , Samanmal Estate and Sakuma Garments –fully owned subsidy.

Samanmal is a family business and cherishes family concepts; very reason why many feel happy with Samanmal.


Textiles at Samanmal stores are unique. The range is wide and uncommon, quality is high and superior, choices are plenty and ample, prices are worthy and reasonable, service is hearty and welcoming.


At Samanmal Restaurant, it gives you more than ordinary wine and dine. It is a good meeting place, where new relationships begin. Be it a private dating, family gathering, business meeting.


A thick forest rich of fauna and flora just few kilometers away from Matara. Natural habitat and organic vegetation, inhale fresh air, gulp down crystal clear water, listen to the sweetest melodies of bird chirpings.